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Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity is a Global Interactive Internet Training Program. Every week we will analyze real cases of exploitation from the perspective of Law Enforcement, the Victim, and the Perpetrator. Stay up-to-date on the predators’ methods of operation. Learn about new technologies and how predators use them to groom kids. Explore how law enforcement identifies the crime and looks at evidence. Understand the psychology of grooming. Hear other experts and learn what you can do to prevent exploitation.

Join in the dialogue.  We will be taking live calls from the audience and we plan to interview some of the best minds in the business.  We want to get to know YOU and share as much expertise as fast as we can so we can say NEVER AGAIN should another human being be needlessly exploited! Visit

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A Southern California Network to Assist Families of Missing Kids

You can help! Join the network & help locate missing kids!

Parents & Guardians: Report a missing child!

Report Human Trafficking:

  • Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RCAHT) Hotline 1-855-758-FREE (3733)
  • National Hotline 1-888-3737-888

"Grace, Hope, & Fatherhood” is a multimedia curriculum especially designed to help your church understand the powerful and practical ways that it can prevent and combat human trafficking.

Produced by Million Kids with a generous grant from Tyndale House Foundation, this multimedia curriculum is thoroughly biblical and eminently practical. Instead of just describing the evil of human trafficking and leaving individuals feeling powerless about what to do, "Grace, Hope, & Fatherhood” provides you with simple ways to protect children and help restore survivors.

This 6-session program is available for download and can be used either as a personal study of human trafficking about what Christians can do to prevent exploitation or it can be shared with small groups for training and devotionals. Grace, Hope and Fatherhood comes with six-professionally created videos and a discussion guide for $29.95.


Join the Million Kids FREE training blog, "EXPLOITED."

Using real case stories, we will educate you online about trafficking and exploitation, and the methods that pimps and predators use to lure kids into sex trafficking & pornography.

We believe the key to prevention is education and that is why we hope you will join us in this forum!

Written by Opal Singleton, President & CEO of Million Kids, "Seduced -- The Grooming of America's Teenagers," is sure to open the eyes of parents who have trouble crossing the e-chasm of social media and online gaming. Kids know all about technology, but lack the wisdom in these arenas where millions of predators roam freely. Both the book and  live presentation will help parents open a dialogue with their children.

Click HERE to order "Seduced - The Grooming of America's Teenagers."

Click HERE for information about booking a live presentation of "Seduced."
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Opal Singleton, President & CEO of Million Kids, Training & Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and author of "Seduced -- The Grooming of America's Teenagers," has trained more than 50,000+ individuals including law enforcement, government officials, school administrators, civic leaders, philanthropic organizations, churches and synagogues, as well as, parents and young people about human trafficking.

As a retired business executive in International Marketing, Opal understands that to win the battle to prevent, rescue and support victims of trafficking requires the creative resources of an entire community.

If your organization, church, school or business would like to learn more about trafficking in your community, contact us to arrange an informative presentation at: 

(951) 323-0298.   

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