Nancy Aguirre, currently serves with Million Kids as their Public Education and Outreach Director. She is a Professor of Administration of Justice for Riverside Community College District and former Criminal Intelligence Analyst for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department assigned to the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force at the Special Investigations Bureau, assisting in investigating human trafficking cases, identifying suspects as well as locating victims.

She is the author of Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers (2015) and Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls (2019), and she hosts two weekly radio shows. KTIE 590 AM broadcasts  Exploited: Crimes and Technology”  every Saturday at 3:00 throughout Southern California. Exploited: Crimes against Humanity” is a global Internet weekly human trafficking training program that broadcasts through Voice America Variety Channel to more than 170 countries.

 Julie Taylor, Ph.D., Education and Curriculum Developer for Million Kids - Dr. Taylor is an Assistant Professor at California State University, San Bernardino – Dept of Communications Studies. Dr. Taylor did her doctoral thesis on human trafficking with a special emphasis on understanding the demand side of sex trafficking. Dr. Taylor has conducted many years of research on matters related to policy and practice in combatting sexual exploitation.

Speaker Bureau


Exploited: Crimes Against Humanity​​

"EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity" is our FREE global internet training program about human trafficking and exploitation that includes a powerful weekly podcast that reaches 170 countries and corresponding blog with links to the cases and stories discussed on the show. All of the shows are archived so you can listen at your convenience.

Each week we analyze real cases of exploitation from the perspective of law enforcement, the victim, and the perpetrator. Stay up-to-date on the predators’ methods of operation. Learn about new technologies and how predators use them to groom kids. Explore how law enforcement identifies the crime and looks at evidence. Understand the psychology of grooming. Hear other experts and learn what you can do to prevent exploitation.

We believe the key to fighting human trafficking and exploitation is prevention through education. We hope you will join us each week so together we can say NEVER AGAIN should another human being be needlessly exploited!!

Million Kids is dedicated to combating human trafficking, sex trafficking, child pornography and exploitation through education, training, prevention and supportive services.


Opal Singleton is the President and CEO of Million Kids, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to keeping kids safe from predators. Million Kids serves as the Training and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti Human Trafficking Task Force and works with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department through a Department of Justice Grant.

Opal has trained more than 250,000 government and  individual leaders about labor trafficking, child sex trafficking,  sextortion, child pornography and social media exploitation. ​​


EXPLOITED - Crimes and Technology

BASED ON REAL CASES this show is all about how criminals use technology to exploit the innocent and how to keep kids safe from predators.

Host and Human Trafficking and Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies, civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based organizations, parents and grandparents about how predators operate and how to prevent young people from becoming victims of exploitation. 

The weekly show, "EXPLOITED: Crimes & Technology," is designed to share her knowledge and insight with the world, especially those individuals who may work with law enforcement and/or children.

Tune in Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time on AM590 The Answer. If you live outside of the Inland Empire you can still listen live by going to: or find all of the past shows archived at: