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Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls

​​​​"Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls"

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The year 2020 will be the most important time in all of history. For the first time ever, the entire world will be connected by technology. Over SIX BILLION people coming together in ways never before experienced. It will indeed be a SOCIETAL SHIFT. 

Think about this. Researchers say that 87% of teens sleep with their phone. A world without borders for our children is also a world without borders for pedophiles, predators, pimps, cartels and other organized criminals. That means while you are sleeping bad guys can access your children.

New technologies are introduced to us every day without instruction or warnings about how predators may use them to exploit children. While most kids will survive with minor injury or exploitation, we are playing roulette with their lives. Thousands of kids each year are victimized through sextortion, social media exploitation, sex trafficking and child pornography. And, new technologies such as encrypted messaging, disappearing video, vaporware (live streaming), cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, animation, artificial intelligence and the dark net provide a technology-freeway to access, groom, recruit and exploit our children.

THIS BOOK IS BASED ON REAL CASES and is ideal for parents, educators, civic leaders, first responders and young people.

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