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Seduced - The Grooming of America's Teenagers

​​​"Seduced - The Grooming of America's Teenagers"

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Never before in history has there been so much competition to influence your child’s morals,

spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, self-image and decision-making. We are at a unique time in

the universe where perfectly normal parents hand their child a device that provides access to

their child’s ideological formation 24/7 for literally hundreds of thousands of unknown individuals

around the globe. Until recently, the parent was the single biggest influence in a young person’s

life. Proverbs 22:6 (The Bible) says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old,

he will not depart from it.” But how does that work with all the latest technological advancements?

Many parents only have access to their child about 15% of the day. The rest of the day the teen

spends texting, tweeting, sharing photos, and chatting in video chat rooms and online apps.  

Then there is school, sports, DVDs, TV, movies, music, friends  and online games.

Technology is a beautiful thing. It connects. It creates. It opens doors never before possible.

And that is good. Today our kids have access to more knowledge than any other generation in

history. But, ACCESS is a two-way street. The internet is unchartered territory with few rules.

The World Wide Web opens the door to worlds that no culture, no generation, no one on the

face of the earth is prepared for. Normally a young person learns about the specifics of danger

from the parent. But most parents grew up without the internet and they don’t recognize the

specific dangers themselves. The dialogue between parent and child has decreased and outside

influence has increased exponentially. Even face-time between parent and child often

degenerates to clipped syllables sandwiched between texts and tweets. So that begs the question:

“Who’s grooming our children?”

Both the book and our live presentation are NOT an Internet Safety Instruction Manual. Indeed,

there are hundreds of Internet Safety programs that are excellent tools for both parents and kids.

“Seduced” is all about how ACCESS is used to GROOM and RECRUIT young people, which all too

often ends in EXPLOITATION. It is designed to be a parent empowering program. It is a guide for

parents to understand the influence and coercion processes, and, most critically, equip adults

with dialogue, insights and psychology that can put the power back into parenting. In essence,

it is understanding the psychology behind technology. It is about unprecedented access to groom

a child’s soul.

To address this issue it is imperative that we take an honest look at how technology can groom and seduce unsuspecting young people, even while the parent is watching.

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