Million Kids is dedicated to combating human trafficking, sex trafficking, child pornography and exploitation through education, training, prevention and supportive services.


  • Keynote speaker, workshop lecturer or conference speaker  
  • Law Enforcement, Fire Professionals, Code Enforcement and First Responders 
  • Universities, Colleges and Education Organizations  
  • Large Conferences, Conventions and Education Symposiums focused on families, children, law enforcement and crime solving  
  • Social Workers, Therapists, Mental Health Workers, Medical Professionals, Public Health Workers 
  • Education professionals, Workability Professionals  
  • Faith-Based Organizations 
  • Media opportunities including publications, television, radio, internet 


  • Sex Trafficking – Adult and Minor 
  • Labor Trafficking 
  • Foreign National Trafficking and Money Laundering 
  • Gang Trafficking 
  • Massage Parlor Trafficking 
  • Trafficking Victim, Access, Grooming, Exploitation 
  • Prevention and Intervention Sex Trafficking 
  • Social Media Exploitation 
  • Advanced Technologies on Trafficking and Social Media Exploitation   
  • Future Crime and Crime Solving for First Responders.  
  • Child Pornography, Child Abuse Materials, and the Dark Net. 
  • Sex and Labor Trafficking case studies for the Medical professional  
  • Sex and Labor Trafficking for the Hospitality and Lodging Industry.   
  • Human Trafficking training for Education Professionals/School Resource Officers

National Speaker Bureau


Opal is the author of "Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers" (2015) and "Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls" (2019). She often appears on television and radio talk shows across the United States. 
Opal is an Instructor at USC Price Safe Communities Institute and former co-instructor at the USC School of Social Work for the Los Angeles Police Department LEAD program. Opal is often a guest lecturer at large conferences, conventions and major universities and corporations.  
She is an instructor at Los Angeles Fire Leadership Training Academy. She serves on the Board of Directors for Rapha House International in Cambodia, Thailand and Haiti. 
Opal has completed the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation Instructor Course and served on the Peace Officers Standardized Training panel to develop the training curriculum on human trafficking for law enforcement for California. 
Opal hosts two weekly radio shows. KTIE 590 AM broadcasts “Exploited: Crimes and Technology” every Saturday at 3:00pm throughout Southern California. “Exploited: Crimes against Humanity” is a global weekly internet human trafficking training program that broadcasts through Voice America Variety Channel to more than 170 countries.

Audiences:  Law Enforcement, First Responders, Social Workers and Therapists, Media expert related to sexual criminal cases, Parents,  Education Professionals

For non-law enforcement groups 

  • The child you save may not be your own 
  • The importance of self-esteem versus self-entitlement 
  • Disconnection: How we create victims and offenders 
  • Pedophile versus Rapist: Why it’s important to know the difference 
  • You don’t have to be a great parent but you do need to ‘show up’ 
  • Pipeline versus Grooming 
  • Prevention versus Damage Control 
  • Your kids as “first responders” 
  • Self-Offense
  • Offender behavior and how to use it to your advantage 

Don has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Los Angeles. He has lectured at USC - Sociology Department for 12 years and has lectured at many law enforcement and citizens groups across the country.  Don authored three books, the first written for law enforcement,  "Sex Crimes - a Step by Step Guide to Effective Interviewing of Victims and Suspects." The second is for parents or anyone with children in their lives, “Beyond Stranger Danger, Smart Parents Raising Safe Kids.”Type your paragraph here.


For Law Enforcement focused groups: 

  • Suspect and Victim Interviewing 
  • How to use suspect behavior during interview 
  • What the victim is really saying 
  • ​Six phases of sexual assault 
  • ​Five trademarks of suspect interview 


  • Types of sex offenders 
  • Interview minor victims of sexual exploitation

Don Howell, has spent a life time in law enforcement serving over 40 years with police agencies investigating sexually motivated crimes including child molestation, rape, physical abuse of children, homicide and child kidnapping/abduction. For 20 years, he served as a law enforcement adviser for the California branch of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children while being a 30-year member of the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association. Don has qualified as an expert witness, in California Courts, in the area of child sexual abuse and related topics.

Lowell Smith, Chair of the Criminal Justice Department at La Sierra University, ranked as one of the top Criminal Justice Programs in the U.S., retired from Orange County Probation Department as a former terrorism liaison officer and is a nationally recognized expert in Home Grown Violent Extremism and Terrorism. He also serves as a media consultant across the nation on public safety issues. 

Nancy Aguirre, currently serves with Million Kids as their Public Education and Outreach Director. She is a Professor of Administration of Justice for Riverside Community College District and former Criminal Intelligence Analyst for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department assigned to the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force at the Special Investigations Bureau, assisting in investigating human trafficking cases, identifying suspects as well as locating victims. Her work history also includes Narcotics, Intelligence and Gangs within the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and previously the Riverside Superior Courts.

Opal Singleton is the President and CEO of Million Kids, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to keeping kids safe from predators. Million Kids serves as the Training and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti Human Trafficking Task Force and works with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department through a Department of Justice Grant.​

Opal has educated more than 400,000 government and individual leaders as the keynote speaker, general presentations and workshop presenter on subjects of labor trafficking, foreign national trafficking, gang trafficking, child sex trafficking, sextortion, child pornography and social media exploitation. Opal has conducted tens of thousands of hours of research over the past ten years on those subjects specifically as it relates to advancing technologies of artificial intelligence, mass audience live streaming, encryption, crypto-currency and the Dark Net. She often lectures on the future of crime and crime solving related to technology and crimes of sexual exploitation.

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