Million Kids is dedicated to combating human trafficking, sex trafficking and exploitation through education, training and prevention services.

We welcome churches, community groups, private organizations, and

individuals to conduct fundraising projects that will help us educate the

community, gain participation and generate the resources to fight

trafficking in our backyard. Contact us with your ideas. We will gladly

work with you to help ensure your success.

Host a Freedom Event

Here are some ways to raise awareness and funds:

  • Concerts
  • Fashion shows
  • Car shows
  • Art auction
  • 5K run
  • Freedom themed in-home dinners/parties
  • Rival schools/sports teams join to host “Two Rivals, One Cause” for a big game
  • Touchdowns to Touch Lives—community members pledge to donate a certain amount for every touchdown made
  • Spa day for young girls or women—stylists donate time, make appointments ahead of time, etc.
  • Make crafts for students to sell at school (e.g. bracelets, necklaces, etc.)

Use your creativity! We’d love to hear about your ideas. Contact us to discuss possibilities.