New Life by Design

Re-purposed Jewelry to Empower Re-purposed Lives!

Have you ever wanted to support the work of Million Kids, but didn’t know how or where to help? Maybe you didn’t have the time or thought you had nothing to offer?

Here is a great opportunity…

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, Million Kids has opened their very own ebay and Etsy Stores and
we are asking that you continue to ship your "gently used" jewelry (and coins) that you no longer care about or, perhaps you treasure them, but want to give them away so they can make a difference in someone’s life.​

​​Here is how it will work:

Gather up your "gently used" jewelry. Either costume jewelry that is in good shape or even the better stuff if you want to use the value to make a difference in someone’s life.

Our design team will sort through your donated items and post the best pieces for sale on the Million Kids Ebay and/or Etsy Store(s). All of the proceeds will be used to support the work of Million Kids in keeping kids safe from predators and helping victims of sex trafficking escape “the life.”

​​You may ask, “I have something beautiful, but a set is missing, or the clasp is broke etc… should I send it anyways?” YES!

Our design team will “repurpose” the piece by combining it with other donated pieces. These repurposed pieces will be promoted under our new line, “New Life by Design.” By taking an old piece that was once beautiful and combining it with other pieces, we will have an incredible line of jewelry that will be used to provide services to victims of trafficking. So they can also have a new life!

Below are some of the actual items that have been donated (including some cute handmade children's clothing!):

For more information about this project, contact:
Mona Lumpkin at

To donate jewelry and/or coins to this project, please ship items to:

Million Kids 
P.O. Box 7295 
Riverside, CA 92513

Million Kids is dedicated to combating human trafficking, sex trafficking, child pornography and exploitation through education, training, prevention and supportive services.